Creating a Farmhouse Kitchen

The kitchen is no longer only used for cooking. Depending upon its size, there might be space for a breakfast bar or a kitchen island. Both serve as gathering spots for friends and family. People drift into the kitchen area when delicious smells emanate; there is the promise of something delicious cooking. And the kitchen can be a place where people work, make projects, the kids do their homework, and loved ones talk on the phone or the computer with others far away.

To update your kitchen decor and create a cozier space, you might want to consider going with a farmhouse theme. This does not mean the end result will be super rustic, rather using some of the following design ideas can help create a warm and welcoming area.

According to Stone Gable, a home decor and improvement blog, a farmhouse kitchen will generally have a large, open sink - a nod to the time when great quantities of food were prepared from scratch at home. Installing a large kitchen sink is quite a project, but if you have questions, bring those to the professionals at your kitchen and bath showroom. White-painted cabinets and large mason jars and stoneware are two other traits of kitchen decor in a farmhouse style.

Rather than invest in a kitchen island, The Cottage Market highlights one kitchen with a rustic, large wood table at its center. The table can be slightly higher than a dining table, and you can add wooden or metal stools for seating. This way, you include the old-fashioned element, further enhancing the farmhouse feel, but also have a functional piece of furniture and gathering spot. To add this feeling of comfort, decorate with natural elements, the news provider advises: think wooden trays, wood chopping boards, a wood knife block and classic, blue and white towels and rugs. Rather than white painted cabinets, The Cottage Market suggests adding glass doors or panels to your cabinets to see the dishes within. You have the option to combine the two styles if you so choose.

Better Homes & Gardens presents a few other takes on the farmhouse kitchen style. The essence to nailing the theme is in the small, personal touches, like hand-painted kitchen cabinets, homemade curtains, bright open windows and steel, matte appliances and finishes. Unusual conversation pieces can give the kitchen a homey, personal feel as well. The web site uses the example of a lampshade made from weathered metal basket turned upside-down and finished. The use of reclaimed wood beams or exposed ceilings adds rustic, old-fashioned touches as well.

If you have the space, consider adding a kitchen sink and faucet to the kitchen island. This provides more room for food prep, and also a second space for hand-washing, post-meal cleaning up and project making.

Stopping in to a kitchen and bath showroom is one great way to find the fixtures and finishing you need to ensure that your kitchen is both lovely and functional.

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