Is it Time for a New Showerhead?

There is nothing like a hot, relaxing shower after a long day. However, it is hard to enjoy the experience if there is a problem with your showerhead. Sometimes it may just need a good cleaning - maybe the head is clogged by calcium build up or soap scum. But other times the fixture may be rusted or otherwise damaged beyond repair. In these situations, it might be time for a new showerhead.

Whether you are dealing with a rusty fixture, calcified buildup or just an outdated shower that does not fit the theme of your bathroom, choosing a new showerhead is your opportunity to improve your shower experience while improving the style of the room.

Choosing a New Showerhead
Before you visit your local Wolseley Canada Vague & Vogue Showroom to make a purchase, give some thought to what you need in your new showerhead. While any fixture will deliver water from your pipes, there are definite differences between models.

When it comes to choosing a new showerhead, start by deciding on the style you prefer. Are you looking for something modern and sophisticated? Or maybe a more classic option? A two-in-one showerhead may be right for you if you want something that gives you the flexibility to keep the spray on the wall or in hand as needed.

Or you could try one of the most popular trends in bathroom remodels today: a rain showerhead. At a Vague & Vogue Showroom, you can find a variety of options from brands such as Delta, Grohe and Riobel that will make your shower experience a luxurious one.

When deciding on a new showerhead, you should also consider whether water conservation is a priority. A low-flow model will help you cut back on your water use by reducing the amount of water that comes through the fixture each second.

A new showerhead can make a huge difference to your bathroom. A new showerhead can make a huge difference to your bathroom.

Installing Your Showerhead at Home
Whether you are a DIY expert or barely know how to hold a wrench, you do not necessarily need to hire someone else to install your showerhead. It is a task that is generally doable on your own with a little bit of foresight. Make sure that you have a wrench, Teflon tape and your new fixture on hand and follow these steps, recommended by Apartment Therapy:

  1. Remove the existing showerhead with a wrench. Several counterclockwise twists while holding onto the notch of the fixture should loosen it enough to remove it.
  2. Finish unscrewing the showerhead by hand and pull it away from the wall. Set aside.
  3. Clean the end of the pipe extending from the wall and wrap it with several layers of Teflon tape.
  4. Take the new showerhead and attach it to the pipe by turning it clockwise to tighten.
  5. Turn on the shower and check for leaks.

Every showerhead is different, so be sure to check the directions before attempting to install your new fixture.

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