7 Can't Miss Kitchen Remodelling Trends

With remodelling trends going in and out of vogue so quickly, it can be difficult to know how to design a kitchen that feels fresh, yet evergreen. Luckily, there are a few classic trends that are always in style. If you're considering giving your kitchen a facelift, check out these can't miss remodelling ideas:

1. Energy Efficiency 

Appliance of all varieties have gone green over the last few decades. This isn't just a stylistic or ecologically-conscious trend, but a functional and money-saving one as well: Energy efficient appliances lower your monthly bills and use far less resources than older models.

2. Sleek and Small Appliances

Similar to innovations in energy conservation, appliances have also - on average - shrunk in size. Opting for a smaller, more discrete version of toasters, microwaves, mixers and more can help your kitchen seem less cluttered and more streamlined.

3. Big, Bold Fixtures

In contrast to the pursuit of smaller appliances, kitchen designer Vasi Ypsilantis recommended that homeowners looking to make a statement consider big, dramatic fixtures as a way to make a bold statement.

"They're about 2 feet in diameter and are slightly larger than you would expect for the space," Ypsilantis told HGTV, referring to a favorite oversized light fixture. "But they give a great sense of depth perception and create drama in a room with a typical low ceiling."

4. Quartz Over Granite 

Houselogic reported that for years, quartz and granite were neck-and-neck in popularity for countertops. In recent years, however, quartz has edge out granite due to its superior toughness and scratch resistance. Quartz also doesn't have to be sealed annually to protect against stains.

5. Automation

In the so-called Internet of Things that has revolutionized our lives, automation takes on a few distinct dimensions. In kitchens, it can be anything from hands-free faucets and automatic light dimmers or alerts sent directly to your smart phone when something you are cooking is done.

6. Accessibility in Remodelling

As homeowners opt to age in place more often, investing in designs and fixtures that improve accessibility means that you can get more mileage out of your kitchen. Features like side-opening ovens - positioned at counter height - and deep pocket drawers with built in organizational spaces are two ways that Houselogic recommended embracing accessibility.

7. Farm-House Inspired Functionality

According to interior designer Christine Baumann, farm-house inspired fixtures and decor possesses a timeless, elegant-yet-functional quality that is highly coveted. As part of a remodel, embracing fixtures that have been successfully employed in working farms for decades can make your home more comfortable.

"Apron-front sinks have never gone out of style," Baumann told HGTV. "They add a timeless focal point to any kitchen. From a practical standpoint, they're deep enough to hold large pots and platters for easier cleanup — a shorter person can even benefit from better access to the sink."

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