5 Quick Kitchen Changes That Can Make a Big Difference

Cooking in the same kitchen day after day can get old - so why not give the room a new look? From lighting changes to new appliances, there is a lot you can do to change the décor of the space.

However, a kitchen update does not need to be time-consuming or expensive. The following five updates are easy - and quick - changes that can make a big difference in the aesthetic of the space.

1. Try new barstools
Looking for a change that does not involve any carpentry or artistic skills? Think about switching out your old barstools for something new. This is the perfect update if you are not a big do-it-yourself renovator. All you have to do is find a set of stools that you like and make the switch. If you have kids who are constantly banging the chairs against the counter and spilling craft supplies on the backs, this update may be much-needed. Stools can take a lot of abuse on the average day and that wear and tear starts to show over time.

2. Paint your cabinets
Sometimes all you need to give your kitchen a new look is a fresh coat of paint. Coloured cabinets are currently a popular décor option that also happens to be easy to complete in a single weekend. If you want to feel independent and accomplished - without being overwhelmed by a bunch of tools and instruction manuals - this is the perfect choice. Just remove the previous paint, sand down the wood, prime the surfaces and then add the new colour. Be sure to take the doors off before you start painting and let them dry fully before returning the pieces to their proper place.

A rug can add a nice splash of colour to your kitchen. A rug can add a nice splash of colour to your kitchen.

3. Add a rug
If you want to change up your floor, installing tile or wood can be a huge undertaking. After all, you need to start by tearing up the existing flooring, then measure out the appropriate amount of materials and finally spend time installing the new option. However, that is far from your only option in this area. Skip the big renovation project and consider adding some colour to your floor by throwing down a fresh rug. All you have to do is find one that you like and lay it neatly in the location of your choosing.

Just be sure that the rug is placed in a way that does not create a tripping hazard. You might want to place a rubber mat underneath to limit slipping.

4. Replace the knobs
Installing new cabinets can take a significant amount of time and effort. If you want to make a big change without an equally large investment of your time and resources, replacing only the knobs may be the way to go. Whether you want something simple and modern or a bright, hand-painted option that can become a focal point of your décor, all you usually need to make the change is a screwdriver. It is an easy change that can be done in a single afternoon.

5. Change your faucet
The faucet - or faucets - in your kitchen have a significant impact on the tone of the room. And luckily, it is a fairly easy update to make. With a visit to your local Wolseley Canada Vague & Vogue showroom, you can find the perfect option that will elevate the aesthetics of your space with minimal hassle.

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